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Get Fit for Summer!

The Summer Fit Pack is here just in time to get your energy and fitness up for the summer! 
This package gives you access to high intensity classes including circuit and HIIT to maximize your time and output in the gym.

Limited time offer
Get your first month for $100!


Circuit Training

Build your best fitness through a fun rotation of exercises that will maximize your cardio output as you build lean muscle, burn calories and strengthen your entire body!

Circuit is everybody's favourite workout that includes high-intensity intervals combining an endless variety of exercises that include functional training, metabolic intervals, core and strength exercises for every muscle of the body! 


This fully-led comprehensive workout includes a proper warm-up and cool-down working your entire body including your heart, core and muscle and joint mobility.  It is designed to condition your body for everyday function, health and longevity.  Hitting endurance, strength and core all in one hour, you will build the ultimate fitness to boost your health and energy levels while also developing athleticism, overall ability and confidence!


Get in the best shape of your life and build a fit and lean body through High Intensity Interval Training!

Looking for an action-packed, high energy workout?  This 60 minute fully-led workout will maximize your time burning calories while building fitness in all areas of your body for everyday function, health and longevity.  Combining athletic conditioning drills, high-intensity intervals, strength and power exercises, you will challenge your body to increase musculature, decrease body fat and transform your health!

New to fitness?  Don't worry!  Exercises are adjusted and beginners are welcome and encouraged to work at their own pace with increased rest and reduced weights. 


Train with Nat provides an inclusive and supportive environment in small group settings for growth and long-term success.


50% off First Month Promotion



Best Value

Summer Fit Pack *Promo*



Get fit for summer with Circuit and HIIT classes!

Valid for 4 weeks

12 Circuit or HIIT classes over 4 weeks

Small Groups (max 8ppl)

Flexibility to reschedule 6 hours prior

Convenient online booking system

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