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Boxing Skills


Learn the Sweet Science

Boxing is known as one of the toughest sports and best cardiovascular workouts due to the high-intensity tempo, rotational power movements and high cognitive and coordination demands.  The Sweet Science of Boxing also refers to the perfect balance of the complexity of strategy, application, speed, reactability, precision and focus that is required.  Connect your mind and body and see how Boxing can benefit you in all other areas of your life! 


Through these 60min non-contact sessions, you will learn the proper foundation, principles, strategy and application of boxing; how to throw proper powerful punches, defensive movements, quick slick footwork and the strategies that will make you 'float like a butterfly and sting like a bee'. 

These Small Group Sessions are ideal for learning such a complex sport.  There is no better way to learn than in a small group setting with lots of personal attention and a consistent group of peers to walk through a comprehensive program.

The Boxing Skills Curriculum Covers:

Learn proper Boxing technique

Basic Boxing Principles

Defensive Techniques

Offensive Strategy

Fighting Ranges

Movement and Footwork

Understanding the Ring

How to use the heavy bag properly

Preliminary tactics

Other Benefits:

Lose weight

Feel more energized

Have fun

Learn a new skill

Improve coordination

Improve cognitive functioning

Develop your mental focus

Feel empowered

Join a community


Sign-up for any Small Group Training Package and book online into the Boxing Skills Small Group Training Sessions.  Check the schedule for days and times.  All other Boxing Small Group Training Sessions will help practice and develop skills at a more intense pace.

Questions?  Inquire now!

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