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About Train with Nat


"To inspire and guide communities of people to find happiness and fulfilment through being active and achieving health goals"

Train with Nat has a vision of a home for individuals to learn and develop a balance of healthy habits for long term adoption and overall happiness.  An inclusive space where everyone is welcome, everyone feels safe to learn and everyone works together towards success through their individual journeys.

Our focus is on providing personalized, comprehensive guidance to ensure each client is fully supported each step of the way and held accountable for their efforts.  Life happens and people operate differently so having the support to navigate the challenges is necessary for long term success.

By providing small group training formats, sessions are fun and interactive and allows each individual to receive personalized coaching on an affordable budget.  By providing various times and session options, training never gets boring and there is flexibility incase of scheduling conflicts so clients can stay on track towards their goals.

Why Train with Nat?


Each client receives personalized care to ensure they are continuously working towards their goals and are accountable for their efforts.  The low ratio sessions allow adjustments according to each individual's needs and level of comfort.

Fun & Innovative

Sessions are fun and innovative to ensure an enjoyable experience with their peers while keeping things fresh and exciting!  New programs and initiatives continue to challenge growth and build a supportive community and positive, engaging environment.


In order to learn and develop effectively. exercises and movements are programmed progressively to minimize risk of injury and maximize application and results.

Flexible and Variable

With many different time and session options, clients are able to better mitigate financial and scheduling challenges that pop up in life making it possible to reach their goals.

Realistic & Functional

With a progressive and educational approach, clients are properly educated and guided towards long-term adoption of realistic health practices for optimal life functionality.


The 'one-stop-shop' ensures a professional is always keeping track and is able to reactively assist in any life change.  Our goal is to ensure each client always has the support they need to succeed!

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