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Personal Training


Personal Training is perfect for those who:

Want the ultimate training experience

Are fully committed and have specific goals

Have injuries or limitations

Are beginners

Are shy and intimidated

Enjoy an intimate experience

Are easily distracted

Want to learn quickly

Are easily bored

Need manual training or assistance with exercises

Need the commitment to attend sessions

Customized & Focused

Get the ultimate training experience with focused, one-on-one training for a fully tailored session specific to your needs and goals. 


A completely customized training plan entails selective exercise design, immediate modifications, experienced cueing and manual training to make 100% use of your time and energy in moving towards your goals and addressing every aspect of your performance in the most efficient way.

Having direct guidance during your sessions allows constant feedback to maximize your physical performance as well as understanding the feel of each exercise so that you receive greater benefits from every repetition you complete.  The support and motivation also ensures you are working to your potential, focused and enjoying every one of your sessions!


Minimize all risks and train 1-on-1 in a private studio!

Ensure your training is completely designed for you and your body!

Ensure you are continually challenged and performing at 100%!


Ensure you have the variety and stimulation to keep each session fresh and exciting!

Why wait?  Get started now!

1-on-1 Personal Training Pricing and Packages

*Sessions never expire.  Cancellations made within 24hrs will be charged in full.

Ask about private group training!
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