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5min Every Day, Move Any Way You Want!

Start Your 28 Days Any Time

Take the most difficult month of the pandemic to develop life long habits of exercise that will get you to your health and wellness goals and keep them up long-term!

During this pandemic, it is critical that we move every day.  People are finding it increasingly difficult to keep moving being isolated lock-down ...during the winter ...with the couch, tv and comforting snacks calling to you ...for such a long period of time.  So many things stacked up against us!

So why not commit just for 28 days to make a small 5min effort?

How does Exercise Help Us?

Increases your Overall Body Functioning                                 Reduces Stress

Increases Circulation                                                                    Releases Emotions 

Supports your Body                                                                      Gives your Brain a Break

Increases your Immune System                                                 Works your Brain in different ways

Refreshes and Rebuilds Tissues                                                 Improves Sleep

Boosts Metabolism and Energy                                                  Increases Mental Alertness and Focus

Increases Stamina throughout the day                                     Increases Motivation and Mood

It takes 90 days to develop a habit,

so let's get started slow and steady for 28 days!

Make Exercise Just as Painless as Brushing your Teeth!

Because you've probably brushed your teeth more than 20,000 times, how difficult on a scale of 1-10 is brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day?  Just like brushing your teeth, make exercise painless and eventually enjoyable, something that invigorates and inspires you!  Take it 5min at a time, day after day for 28 days and then see how differently you feel!

Let's Set You Up for Success!

1.  Choose a time of day

      Choose a time of day that you will workout every day and perhaps a different time for the weekend. 

      The best way for you to be successful is to establish habits, like brushing your teeth, that you do

      regularly at the same time every day.  Perhaps during your lunch hour, right before work or right

      after work.  Once you get used to moving at this time, it will be programmed into your body and a lot

      easier to keep up with and less likely for you to fall off.  The more times you follow through, the easier

      it will be, and a lot less mentally challenging because it won't be much of a thought!

                                  2.  Bookmark your workouts

                                                  Bookmark this webpage for quick and easy access to your workout options.

                                                  Follow Train with Nat on Youtube.

                                                  Bookmark your favourite online workouts.

                                                  Download this menu of activities for a quick reference you can pull up in your phone.

3.  Set an alarm in your phone

       Schedule your workouts in your planner.

       Set an alarm in your phone to go off 5min before your workout time.

       Include a positive and motivating note like "Let's get moving and motivated!" 

       "We make our habits, and then our habits make us!"

                                                      4.  Eliminate Barriers and Create Back-up Plans

                                                                           If you are a parent or have demanding roles or relationships, block the time off

                                                                           and communicate your commitment to those who may need you.  It's important

                                                                           to try to eliminate barriers to your follow through where possible.  

                                                                           Create a back-up plan incase life happens and you get pulled away. 

                                                                           It may be another time during the day or a 3min stretch before bed, even in bed. 

                                                                           Every small effort makes a difference to your body as well as building successful

                                                                           habits for long-term adoption.  The more you miss, the easier it is to miss again.  

5.  Set Up Your Workout Station

       Clear and set-up a spot for you to exercise.  You only need space

       the size of a yoga mat.  Make it easy for you to follow through and

       set up an inviting space where you want to be.  Creating positive

       relationships with your habits will be crucial for long-term adoption

       and finding enjoyment and alignment with activity.

6.  COMMIT mentally!   

In order to be successful, you need to commit mentally.  You may need up to a week to fully commit mentally.  Run the commitment through the big boss, your Brain!  It sounds silly, but tell yourself you will Move Every Day for 28 days and will succeed!  Imagine yourself doing it, think about doing it and even think about the challenges that will arise.  These are all things Olympic Athletes do to find ultimate success.  The more your brain gets used to the idea, the easier and less foreign it will be to follow through.  When you're ready to bet on yourself, you are READY!  Then, just Follow through starting on your start date.  No excuses.  It's only 5min!  

Time to Exercise?

1.  Open Youtube or this webpage

2.  Put on music you enjoy and layout your mat

3.  Choose a workout from the selection of videos or posted exercises below.  If the workout is intense, be sure to warm-up properly prior to beginning.  Most workouts only have 2-5 exercises to make them easy to follow.  You can also go for a walk, dance, walk some stairs, stretch or do a yoga video!  

4.  If you feel like you can do more, choose another workout! 

5.  Send a         in Train with Nat's Accountability Group! (on WhatsApp)

After a couple weeks you will get used to different workouts and formats and then you can start to change the workouts to increase or decrease intensity or to work different areas of your body. 


It gets a whole lot easier once you know what to expect and have done it before.  Remember, change is always uncomfortable at first but,

"If you want something in your life to change,

You are going to have to make a change"


Tips to Ensure Safety

1.   Speak to your physician if you are new to exercise or have any health conditions or injuries that can be made worse by exercise.

2.  Make sure you start with a proper warm-up and gradually increase intensity.

3.  All exercises are done under control, at a pace you are comfortable with.  Watch the video and then perform exercises at your own pace.  Do NOT try to keep up with the pace of the video.

4.  All exercises are done PAIN-FREE.

5.  Don't hold your breath.  Breathe and always listen to your body.  Always remember, Exercise is for YOU!  For it to benefit you most, it must be a positive experience.

6.  Start slow and gradually increase the intensity based on how you feel. 

7.  STOP if you have any pain.  Start to get to know your body!

8.  If you start to feel pain or discomfort, stop and seek help to prevent further damage.

9.  Wear supportive footwear.

10.  Change up the exercises so you are not doing the same ones too often.  Your body needs variety and overworking the same areas of the body will lead to overuse injuries.

Disclaimer:  All information provided by Train with Nat is of a general nature and is furnished only for informational and entertainment purposes only.  No information is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual specific health or medical condition.  You agree that use of this information is at your own risk and hold Train with Nat harmless from any and all losses, liabilities, injuries or damages resulting from any and all claims.

For Absolute Beginners


Here are a few very basic videos that will start you off if you have no experience.  It is always recommended to seek professional and live help first, but in absence of that, I hope these are helpful to educate but not over complicate!



6 minutes



6 minutes

Watch the Video


5 minutes

Video coming soon

Want something different or unstructured, Do your own thing!

Virtual Dance Class

Outdoor Walk



Go Skating

Wii Video Games

Dance Party!


Choose your own Adventure!

Choose any 3, Complete 4 Sets

Squats - Wide, 1 1/2, Side-to-Side, 5s Hold, Curtsy

Lunges - Static, Back, Jumping

Push-ups - Wide, Narrow, Slow

Wall Slides, Rows, Shoulder Press

Wall Sit, Bridge, Glute Raises




Tai Chi

Stretching  Watch a video


Workouts by Train with Nat

Click here to download a Quick Reference Menu of the Workout Options

10-1 Reps of each:

Jumping Jacks




+ 1 Caterpillar


6 minutes

5 Sets

30 Punches

5 Shuffle'n Touch


6 minutes

3 Sets, 30s Each

Side-to-Side Squats

4 Quick-Feet to Sprawl




6 minutes

8 Sets

5 Push-ups

5 Burpees


6 minutes

10-1 Reps of each:




Jumping Jacks

+ 2 Burpees


6 minutes

3 Sets, 30s Each

Wall-Sit and Slide

Side-to-Side Squat

Static Lunge Left

Static Lunge Right


8 minutes

4 Sets

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Russian Twist

20 Toe Touches


5 minutes

3 Sets

20 Leg Lifts

20 Bicycles w 2s hold

1min Bridge


6 minutes

3 Sets, 30s Each



T Push-up

Hand-cuffs to Hands-up


8 minutes

Video coming soon
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