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Small Group Training


Exercises will improve:

Functional strength

Muscular endurance

Cardiovascular endurance

Core stability





Footwork & Speed


Each session may include:

Traditional weight-training

Interval training

Cardiovascular intervals

Power exercises

Full-body movements



Circuit training

Partner exercises

Games & Challenges

Boxing drills

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Dynamic, Fun & Interactive

Small Group Training sessions are fully guided 60 minute workouts for up to 6 people including a perfect balance of fitness components for optimal health and longevity.  Programs are designed and coordinated to ensure each person is getting the proper individualized attention so each exercise is being performed properly, at correct loads and adjustments or modifications can be made accordingly.  Regular follow-ups will ensure individuals are on track and get the support they need on-going.

Prior to joining a small group, clients will connect with a coach individually to discuss their goals and lifestyle to create an ongoing plan towards success.  With this information and further hands-on experience, coaches will customize workouts to ensure each individual is working towards their goals, at the appropriate level each session. 


Due to the nature of a small group and small studio setting, coaches develop more intimate relationships with each client and serve as each client's own Personal Trainer, providing complete support based on their needs including supplemental independent workout programs, goal-setting, scheduling, accountability check-ins and nutrition guidance.

There are different types of Small Group Training Sessions each with a different focus or combination to help each client find the right session based on their goals but also to keep things fun, fresh and interesting!  New session and session types are added monthly based on demand and interest.  Be sure to check out the schedule for this month's offerings!

Why wait?  Get started now!


The best way to get started is to get moving and experience your first Small Group Training Session! 


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