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Ladies Boxing Classes

Women's Boxing Fitness Training Personal Trainer Toronto North York

High Intensity & Empowering

Looking for a solution to meet your fitness goals while having fun and learning new skills?  Join the Ladies Boxing Classes and see how getting active can change your life! 


Boxing is known as one of the best cardiovascular workouts due to the high-intensity tempo, upper and lower body movements and core rotational power.  The Sweet Science of Boxing also refers to the perfect balance of the complexity of strategy, application, speed, reactability, precision and focus that is required.  Connect your mind and body and see how Boxing can benefit you in all other areas of your life! 


Through these 60min non-contact sessions, you will learn the proper foundation and application of boxing; how to throw proper powerful punches, defensive movements, quick slick footwork and the moves that will make you 'float like a butterfly and sting like a bee'. 

The fun, interactive, high-intensity drills will pump-up your heart rate, burn off the extra pounds, build lean bodies and transform the way you feel.  Through continual training, you will learn and discover the power of your mind, body and both forces combined.  You will learn the incredibly interesting sport of Boxing and have fun laughing with your fellow G.I Janes!

Boxing gloves and wraps are required for this class.

Why wait?  Get started now!

Do you want to:

Transform your confidence

Discover your strength

Learn proper Boxing techniques

Get in great shape

Reduce stress

Lose weight

Feel more energized

Have fun

Be empowered

Join a community

* Currently due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Social Distancing Restrictions, group classes will only be offered in a Virtual Mixed Conditioning or Outdoor Boot Camp format and otherwise will not be offered until restrictions are lifted.  Our Small Group Training program offers a versatile and engaging experience indoors that is sure to meet your needs while keeping you safe!






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Ladies Boxing Classes are offered as 4 week memberships depending on the frequency of visits on recurring monthly payments.

Sessions may be rescheduled prior to 1hr before the session on the on-line booking system but must be used within the 4 week period.

In the case of a last minute cancellation or no-show, a make-up credit may be granted to be used within the week, but may not be guaranteed based on availability.

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