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Yoga Classes


Benefits of Yoga Practice:

Improve Mobility

Reduce Pain

Increase Stability

Improve Posture

Improve Balance

Improve Breathing

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Mental Clarity and Awareness


Improve Body Awareness

Intimate & Personalized

There is no better way to experience your yoga practice than in an intimate, small group setting with up to 8 people.  Our experienced instructor will guide you through a Hatha-style practice with a full-understanding of the poses, techniques and feeling as she gets to know each individual's goals, challenges and energy.  Regular adjustments will ensure you are finding the right positions and benefiting the most out of each pose.


Yoga is a mind and body practice that combines postures and poses with breathwork, meditation and relaxation techniques to calm the mind and focus on the body through each movement. 


With our busy, overwhelming yet immobile lifestyles, there is increasing need for yoga practice to not only improve mobility and movement through the body, but to reduce mental and physical stress through relaxation, focus and breathing.

Put aside the time and invest in your health, happiness and well-being!

Equipment required:  Yoga mat


*Classes with under 2 registrants will be rescheduled.

Stay tuned for more classes!

Why wait?  Get started now!


With so many health benefits, experience a Yoga Class and begin your journey now!

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Restorative Yoga

Interested in Restorative Yoga?

What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is a slow-paced yoga practice focused on poses held for longer periods of time to maximize mobility, reduce muscle tension and alleviate stress while the body's nervous system is in a more relaxed and restorative state in parasympathetic mode. 


What equipment is used?

This passive form of yoga is assisted through use of equipment like blocks and bolsters that help position each person for maximal benefit of each pose. 

How long is each class?

Due to the slow, relaxed nature of restorative yoga, each class will be 90 minutes long to achieve relaxation and maximize the benefits of the practice.

We are taking a waitlist for those interested in starting with a 4-week workshop.  With a maximum and consistency of the same 8 people, these workshops will allow more specialization and focus spent on areas of need.

Please fill out the below contact form with your preferred availability and we will be in touch shortly.

Meet the Teacher

Screenshot_20190421-213420_Snapchat (1) (2).jpg

Shalon Webber-Hefferman

Shalon W-H has been exploring movement, meditation, and healing practices for over 15 years. She is a certified yoga teacher, Reiki practioner, performance scholar, writer, and mother. She is completing a PhD and has been contemplating the ways we learn in relation to others through our bodies, senses, and intuition. 

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