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Emergency Meals

Meal Prep is everything when it comes to nutrition! In today's non-stop, hectic lifestyle, for most people if they don't take the time on Sunday to meal prep, they are screwed for the week! That means eating out, huge portions, lots of sodium, no snacks, runs to Timmies, fast food, binge-eating when absolutely starved etc. When you have your snacks and meals prepared, you eat healthy, have no need to go out to buy food and have the right portions.

I came up with the concept of Emergency Meals for that reason. If you miss your meal prepping, having options like meal prep businesses you can order from, prepared quickie grocery lists or ingredients on hand that can save you for a few days will help you stay on track and on budget!

Meal Prep Businesses

Good Food - a Canadian meal kit business that provides ready to cook ingredients for delicious healthy meals, no chopping necessary but you do have to cook

Marble Meals - a meal prep business run by Certified Red Seal Chef Karen Barbalat

Quickie Grocery Lists

Make your grocery lists ahead of time for Emergencies. Include on your list meals that you can put together without much prep and simple grab-and-go snacks, such as pre-washed salads, stir-fries, meats or cut-up root veggies for the slow-cooker, grains for the rice cooker, store-roasted chicken, etc.


On Hand Emergency Meals

Create meals from ingredients you already have on hand whether it's in your fridge, pantry or freezer.

Slow-Cooker Meals

Prepare Slow-Cooker Meals ready to stick into the slow cooker for ready-to-eat meals 6-10hrs later. Freeze or refrigerate meats and veggies in a bag flat for quick defrosting and pop them into the slow cooker before bed for meals ready in the morning or before work for meals ready in the evening.

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